Author: A Pebble On The Beach and Jack Of All


Tony Diamond

Tony Diamond was brought up in England, East Sussex on a Hove council estate in the 1950's and 60’s. He had an unusual family life. His behaviour got him into trouble at an early age; at ten years old he was given Electro-Convulsive Therapy. He was later disowned by his family and sent into the care of Barnardos, they sent him to work on a farm in Australia.


A Pebble On The Beach

At times painful, A Pebble on the Beach is always hopeful. It is the strength and optimism of one man, Tony Diamond, that elevates this heart wrenching story into a gripping and powerful personal history.

Tony will return to re-edit Pebble On The Beach and will expand the original best seller.


Jack of All, Master of One

The new book “Jack of All”, is the sequel to A Pebble On The Beach.
“With seas over 50ft and winds of over 80mph, we were ordered out on deck”
“We'd only just passed the Grand Hotel when a large explosion rocked the car”
“I couldn't help myself. If there was a loophole and money - I had to find it!”


Pebble on the Beach...

Pebble on the Beach is a true story of one boy's ability to survive. Growing up in Brighton, England, Tony was subjected to a childhood of physical and mental and sexual abuse - including electric shock treatment at the age of ten - abandoned by his family at fifteen, and sent to Australia to fend for himself. Unable to settle, wandering from place to place, he plotted his return to England, but an ill-fated attempt to stow away led to imprisonment in New Zealand and his eventual deportation.

Tony visited four continents, survived four brushes with death and a journey of 30.000 miles, he arrived back in England profoundly changed. But were things at home any different?

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Jack of All, Master of One.

A sequel to Pebble on the beach which charts Tony Diamond's early life, Jack of All, Master of One follows his movements over the next 24 years. Some would call him a survivor, others would see him as a con man. After reading this story he somehow comes out as a lovable rogue who does whatever it takes to support his family and to keep the wolves from the door. Throughout the 1960's, 70's and 80's he was constantly wheeling and dealing, ducking and diving.

With very little schooling, Tony, who can only be described as a graduate from the University of Life, always manages to come out on top of his game. Catch up with Tony in this sequel.

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The Books from Tony Diamond

Tony has now completed two books. Tony has appeared in several magazine and newspaper articles. Tony has also been filmed for local television interviews. He has also spoken at length on local radio about his experiences and his website was listed on the BBC website.


Tony Diamond

I am in good company, along with Sir Richard Branson, Tom Cruise, Sir Winston Churchill and Keira Knightly, what have we got in common? - Dyslexia.


Pebble on the Beach

Always hopeful, it is the strength and optimism of one man that elevates this heart wrenching story.

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Barnado's Kids

He was given electric shock treatment at the age of ten, abandoned by his family at fifteen and packed off to Australia to fend for himself.


Jack of All...

Jack of All, Master of One. The follow up book from Tony. Always able to turn things around with his wheeling and dealing!

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Endorsements and feedback...

Susan Hampshire Actress Susan Hampshire, former chairman of Dyslexia Action, said: "Tony is a natural storyteller who has not allowed his struggle with dyslexia to prevent him writing this amazing book about his life."

Penny Smith GMTV Dear Tony Thank you very much for your book which I enjoyed very much and I've passed it on to our forward planning department.

Fiona Phillips Thank you very much for sending me a copy of Pebble on The Beach. My Goodness, you have been through the mill! Well done for all of it and for managing to turn it into a very inspirational read.

Dame Gillian Wagner - Chair, Barnados 1978-1984 Having read many, many letters and accounts written by children sent overseas, I consider this book to be an outstanding account of a triumph over adversity .

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More about Tony Diamond

You can get more information about Tony Diamond and his books on his full website, which is in the process of being updated. There are interviews, more exclusive content and a photo gallery. There is also a full update on all the children that flew to Australia with Tony.